The new lifestyle is sustainable!

There is a new lifestyle worldwide, which is characterized by sustainability. Our geological footprint begins to play a serious role in our lives. In addition, organic products are in a rapid upswing in our customers interests. And more and more people are deciding on a vegan lifestyle.

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“This is the market of the future, and we are actively developing it with our innovations!”

“We were the pioneers with our organic series at the time and thus played a decisive role in shaping the market!”

Christian Huber


• NCP regulates the requirements for all organic non-food products.

• NCP follows the growing demand for environmentally friendly products in the non-food sector.

• NCP is oriented towards nature.

• Ingredients of plant and mineral origin are authorised.

• The manufacturing process is in harmony with nature.

• The NCP standard is based on the EU Eco-VO 834/2007 and 889/2008.

•”I’m green” polyethylene is a plastic made of sugar cane, a renewable raw material.

• Contribution to environmental protection: 100 recyclable.

• Helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

1 tonne of green PE can store up to 2.5 tons of CO2.

• same characteristics, performance

• Most used label for vegan products worldwide.

• High awareness and trust among consumers.

• The V-label assures that the product does NOT contain animal ingredients & animal by-products or animal derivatives.

• The final product and its constituents must not have been tested on animals.

Eco-Tube: made from sugar cane – a renewable raw material – from our present. Our contribution to a better environment.

With the new Eco-Tube, our bio-series was produced and rounds off the biological idea of the overall concept.

The most important thing for us are satisfied customers!

the most important thing for us are satisfied customers

Hot has been awarded worldwide with over 50 international awards for innovation,

quality and product development.


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